Mandolin Armrest with Clamp Ready to use


Mandolin armrest made from top quality Ebonywood.
Increased comfort
Less in body contact
Less damping of the tone
Available with pre-installed clamps
The mount and armrest are cork-lined to help prevent scratching. 
Fits most A and F style mandolins  barrels need to be turned together while installing (imp).
Ready to use.
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Mandolin Armrest in Indian Ebony Wood with Clamp ready to use.


As the mandolin is played for long time one must need some rest
here comes the mandolin Armrest for long time players of mandolin

Improve sound as the arm doesnot touches directly the instrument so this makes the sound much better.

Mandolin armrest made from top quality ebony wood
with clamp. Ready to use.

The mount and armrest are cork lined to help prevent scratching. Fits most A and F style mandolins
Beautiful & comfortable armrest for your Mandolin and
can be gifted too.


Increased comfort
Reduction in body contact
Reduction damping of the tone
Reduction finish damage from perspiration.
Available with pre-installed  clamps ready to use.

If you have custom size pls do let us know the size of the bout of the instrument in mm or inches before buying

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